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Live Blogging the Oscars

17/24 on predix. Same as last year. The End.

Glad to see No Animals Were Harmed during the broadcast.

So ends another disappointing Oscars. Glad that Hugo won at least 5. Time to move on.

8:36 – Of course they have to bring the damn dog on stage.

8:32 – Streep wins Actress. She was great, but the movie was not. The end can’t come soon enough…

8:24 – Everything sounds better in an English accent. The bullshitting sounds genuine.

8:23 – Can’t wait to hear Colin Firth tell Streep how moved he was by her role as The Iron Man.

8:20 – What was up with the yelling Dujardin? Relax, asshole.

8:14 – Can we just hurry up and give it to the French guy already.

8:13 – Let us hurry up and give it to Jean Dur…The French guy…And we never heard from him again…

8:11 – Moneyball music over this montage is excellent.

7:57 – That Oprah is a big bore.

7:53 – Michel what’s his name wins for Best Director. Madness. Madness. Thankfully we will never hear from him ever again…

7:43 – At least I called Best Doc Short and Live Action Short right…

7:30 – Shouldn’t have picked The Artist to win Best Original Screenplay. Glad to see Allen win his third Screenplay Oscar.

7:27 – Dean Pelton is an Oscar winner, very cool.

7:25 – Nice leg there Jolie.

7:16 – This French guy who won best Score didn’t thank Bernard Herrmann. That is the only reason The Artist won best score. Congratulations to Bernard Herrmann for the win.

7:02 – Christopher Plummer wins, an obvious attempt at the Academy to make up for not nominating him for General Chang in Star Trek 6.

6:57 – Very happy that Hugo won best visual effects, but my predictions are going in the shitter.

6:45 – They got to bring back Chris Rock to host. He killed it.

6:40 – That French circus thing was kinda cool. Liked the North by Northwest bit the best.

6:34 – This sounds nothing like Kermit.

6:29 – Hugo wins both sound categories. Finally two categories I called right. Hugo had 4 wins and I think that is all it will win for the night.

6:24 – Dragon Tattoo wins for editing! Yea, anything but the Artist! This is a real surprise.

6:22 – Cooper rocking the douchey mustache.

6:20 – Focus group bit was geniuiney funny.

6:09 – Love the robotic, odd way  that Nick Nolte claps. That is exactly the way I thought he would clap.

6:07 – A Separation wins for Best Foreign Film, well deserved, great movie.

6:04 – Having movie stars talk about their love and memories of the movies, easily the best part of the broadcast.

6:01 – This is they only time Adam Sandler will be apart of an Oscar broadcast.

5:57 – Why are they using Hugo score under the make up nominee? And am I the only person to take notice of this? Yes.

5:46 – Why the fuck are they playing the drums in balcony?!

5:44 – Hugo for Art Direction. Yea. Glad it will deny The Artist a sweep of all the awards at least.

5:43  Hugo! yes! Fuck the Artist!

5:41 – Doesn’t seem  right that Jonah Hill is seated in front of Martin Scorsese

5:37 – Here we go with singing melody…

5:30 – Freeman rocking a black glove. He has been cursed. And a terrible start with Crystal appearing in all the movies. This would have been great if it was 1997.

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