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Live Blogging the 83rd Annual Academy Awards

Looks like I called 17 out of 24 categories correctly. Not too bad. Better than last year. Oh well, till next year.

8:42- James Franco did better work on his Twitter feed tonight.

8:39 – You would think that these damn kids would have dressed up a bit. It’s the Oscars for Christ’s sake.

8:36 – How could the film had not have won Best Picture? For God’s sake,they used the speech in the film to cut the best picture montage together.

8:34 – This montage cut to The King’s Speech is actually pretty good.

8:32 – Nice consolation prize to The Social Network for mentioning the film’s that didn’t win Best Picture. I like how the crowd clapped loudly when Speilberg mentions the films that lost Best Picture.

8:21 – I bet Sandra Bullock hasn’t watched last year’s telecast when she won the award. Who would have thought that her tattoo crazed, Nazi loving husband, who was once married to a porno stat, would have cheated on her?

8:19 – Let’s applaud Sandra Bullock cause her crazy tattoo husband was fucking behind her back.

8:14 – Hey, just noticed that Aronofsky isn’t wearing that damn scarf around his neck. Guess he didn’t have a horrible neck surgery after all.

8:07 – So glad the honorary Oscar winners are finally shown some proper respect, unlike last year.

8:03 – Tom Hopper! Damn! You can tell he really wanted it. The film was good, but Fincher directed the hell out of The Social Network.

7:53 – No clapping at the In Memoriam segment. How will we know who to care about?

7:46 – Jennifer Hudson looks hot after losing all that weight. That is all I can muster up to type.

7:45 – The montage of dead people  and the Lena Horn tribute hasn’t been shown yet. This is going to go another hour.

7:35 – The visual effect guys forgot to thank Nolan. Thats a rule.

7:30 – The Ghost of Bob Hope!

7:27 – Here is the best Oscar host. He looks a hell of a lot better following these two.

7:21 – Okay, no Banksy. Inside Job was pretty good as well. Yea! Throw those fucking financial executives in jail!!

7:21 – Joel Coen was just caught on camera looking for his cell phone.

7:16 – This Best Live Action short guy probably gave one of the more entertaining speeches of the night.

7:15 – Wow. Got both the short documentary and short live action categories correct.

7:13 – Not a sweep for The King’s Speech. The most I can see them winning is a total for 4.

7:06 – Best Song Nominees being performed, time to do something the fuck else.

6:59 – Collen Atwood wants to thank who ever the fuck put her all the way in the back.

6:58 – Academy Award winning The Wolfman. That phrase reeks of classiness.

6:53 – Franco has a strange smirk on his face. When he said he didn’t care if he hosted the worst Oscar ever, he wasn’t kidding.

6:51 – Inception wins the well deserved Sound awards. Leading the night with 3 awards.

6:43 – YES! The Social Network for score! A good warning sign for a Best Picture win? One could hope.

6:41 – Let’s hear John Williams’s music for the rest of the show.

6:32 – Batman! Best Supporting Beard.

6:25 – There’s the Charlie Sheen joke

6:19 – The mic’s right there in front of you.

6:16 – Classy speech by Aaron Sorkin.

6:13 – They cut away when Brolin and Bardem were dancing. Too gay for the Oscars?

6:06 – Justin Timberlake shouldn’t be allowed to speak unless Aaron Sorkin is writing his dialogue.

6:04 – It appears that there was no rehearsal before the show.

6:02 – Bill Maher – “Kirk Douglas died during that acceptance speech.”

5:59 – Yeah, let’s drop the F bomb, Melissa Leo.

5:57 – This will be the longest Oscars ever if Kirk Douglas keeps presenting all the awards. I’m all for it.

5:51- Great Kirk Douglas, now no one will know who won best supporting actress.

5:49 – Great start, I’m 0-2  in predictions before the first fucking commercial.

5:47 – Inception! Deakins loses again, I knew it would happen.

5:44 – First miss of the night, fucking Alice in Wonderland. Maybe King’s Speech won’t be a sweep after all.

5:43 – There is something to be said for hiring comics to host the Oscars.

5:42 – James Franco looks out of it. He clearly doesn’t give a shit.

5:41 – Let’s begin, please.

5:35 – This was funny when Billy Crystal did it in 1997.

5:31 – I really hope The Social Network ins for score. It’s really fucking amazing.

Coming at 5:30

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