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Newport Beach Film Festival Interview: Justin Hogan, Producer of Climate Refugees

“Climate Refugees” was a documentary that played at the recent Newport Beach Film Festival. The film is a look at the people around the world who are being displaced due to climate change. Too many times the debate about climate change gets bogged down in politics. This documentary is worth a watch because it puts a human face on the consequences of climate change. Below is an interview with the documentary’s producer Justin Hogan:

Can you tell us about your documentary “Climate Refugees”?

CLIMATE REFUGEES is a documentary film that uncovers the unbelievable plight of people around the world displaced by climatically induced environmental disasters. The documentary illuminates for the first time the human face of climate change as civilization now finds itself facing the confluence of overpopulation, lack of resources and a changing climate. Traveling the world and interviewing several of the 25 million climate refugees now on the run, along with scholars, politicians and the like, CLIMATE REFUGEES brings to light the heart-wrenching truth of what is quickly becoming mankind’s greatest challenge. This documentary examines the creation—and migration—of hundreds of millions of climate refugees that will be displaced as a result of climate change. A cautionary tale, the film demonstrates that climate change isn’t a political issue; it’s a geopolitical one, one that literally transcends the concepts of nationhood and ethnicity .In this situation, we truly are all one people.

What was the geniuses of this documentary?

Three year ago Michael Nash (director) read an article published by the United Nations University.  It stated that the world had over 25 million climate refugees.  More refugees then caused by war or political persecution.  Michael started to investigate this further.  He asked me to join him on this journey after a month of research proving that this article had merit and a documentary could be made about it.  Michael and I had worked together before and are good friends.

How much research went into the film?

Years and years of research went into  making this film.  Because the concept of Climate Refugees is so new, there was almost no information that had been complied.  People through-out the world were working on the subject matter but were scattered everywhere.  Basically we would meet people who would lead us to other people or tell us about literature written on the subject but was obscure.  It was like putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle without knowing what the final picture looked like.

What do you want people to take from this documentary?

It’s funny because people always ask us if they can give money to the cause. We tell them no. We say what we want is their will, their desire to change. To live a greener life. To buy from corporation that are environmentally friendly. To drive hybrid or electric cars. To use their energy differently but most important to become politically active and bring about a change to our world that is necessary for it’s and our survival. America is the only country where a debate is still going on about climate change. It is so sad and pathetic at the same time. Hopefully future generation will look back on us with praise not sorrow and pain.

Do you have a distributor yet? Do you plans to show the film at any other film festivals?

We are currently in negotiations with two distributors on the rights of this film. If everything goes as planned, Climate Refugees will be in theater this fall and at a college near you. We have so many more festivals that we going to. The biggest event planned will be with The Los Angeles Film Festival on June 25th. It will be a free community screening in downtown Los Angeles with special musical guests and VIP’s. All information on future climate refugees events and screenings can be found at http://www.climaterefugees.com

Is there a web site that people can find out more about the documentary?

http://www.climaterefugees.com and join us on Facebook.

Can you tell us about any future projects that you or Michael P. Nash have in the works?

Michael and I made a small feature film about alternative energy and magnetism called FUEL. It is a project we are actively working on to re-do with a much bigger budget and named cast.

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